Since 1993 GMP Learning has been working and helping companies improve individual competency, job performance and meet regulatory compliance requirements regarding employee/associate qualifications.  Results impact the organization in regards to work and product quality, regulatory compliance, increased productivity, and improved safety.


This is accomplished by utilizing various activities involving education, training, audits and consulting to focus on the identified targeted training needs for each company and for all job titles in that company.  A needs assessment or gap analysis is a key to designing, developing, implementing targeted training solutions to address deficiencies in job competency and performance.  Added compliance audits help to focus on areas that need improvement from a regulatory perspective. Results of the assessment/audit/analysis provide a blueprint from which the targeted performance and compliance solutions can be designed and detailed in an action plan.  This customized blueprint will outline what training, education, certification, consulting activities that need to occur for performance and compliance improvement in your organization, thereby impacting overall regulatory compliance and quality. It is a holistic, comprehensive and systematic approach to impact the organization at all levels by focusing on performance and quality systems improvements.    


This approach is based on identifying the current state of performance and quality in your corporation and, via the audit or assessment data, identifying and addressing the obstacles and barriers that prevent your company from achieving the desired state of performance, compliance and quality.



James C. Gerner,  Ed.D., M.S., M.T.(ASCP)

 Dr. Gerner is the founder of CMS, Corporate Management Services, a training, auditing and consulting firm that was started in 1993. In 2007 company focus and the range of services have expanded and prompted the new company name, GMP Learning . With the expanded services the GMP Learning can now provide the support your company needs to improve compliance, productivity, quality and performance. We are experts at Quality Performance, Job Competency and Compliance Improvement.


Dr. Gerner is qualified by seventeen years of experience as a trainer, auditor and consultant to regulated industries. Many of you may also recognize his name associated with the GMP Institute, a division of ISPE, for whom Dr. Gerner has also worked with as an independent consultant. Dr. Gerner also has 17 years of experience working in a corporate manufacturing environment, 14 years of industrial and hospital laboratory experience, 11 years of management experience, 8 years in a corporate training and development environment, and 1 year of experience teaching at a University.  Dr. Gerner is a registered Medical Technologist - M.T. (ASCP), and his education includes a B.A. in Medical Technology, M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, an M.S. degree in Clinical Microbiology, and a doctorate degree, Ed.D., in Corporate Training and Development.


Dr. Gerner has the education and work experience that combine to provide knowledge and skills that can help your company in all areas of training, consulting and auditing. With has extensive experience in the areas of Operator Certification Training, Total Quality Management training, Quality System Implementation Techniques, Job Competency Modeling, government regulatory training (GMP), Managerial/Supervisory Training, Team Training, Development of SOP’s, Crisis Management Training, and Attendance Recognition Program Development, the GMP Learning is positioned to help your organization improve and put “Quality into Motion”.  Dr. Gerner has excellent communication, planning, platform and organizing skills and has strengths in instructional theory and design, conducting training needs assessments, and in using statistical strategies for measuring internal and external customer satisfaction, and evaluating program effectiveness. We have worked with regulated companies helping them achieve governmental regulatory compliance and improved job competency and performance.


Dr. Gerner is:

- a frequent presenter at Training and Industry Conferences:

    Eye Bank Association of America 1998 National Conference

    PDA Annual Conference 1998

    American Association of Blood Banks 1999 National Meeting

    GMP Institute National Conference 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

    ISPE National Conference 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

    Mayo Clinic Physician and Clinicians Group 2006

- a chairperson for the Educational Scholarship Committee for the Henry Clay

    Foundation of the State of Kentucky,

- a member of the American Society of Training and Development

- Vice Chairperson, Board of Adjustments for the City of Highland Heights, KY.