Day One

The first day of Developing an Internal Job Certification Strategy is dedicated to identifying key job in each work area, related Standard Operating Procedures, and major equipment used for each job task.  Participants will develop a common understanding of the challenges of training today’s workforce and what ISO std. and the GMP require from a training perspective.  Participants will learn the key fundamental design elements of Competency Based Training and begin identifying various task related job elements for each of their work areas.  Participants will begin to use the steps of a task analysis (using flow diagramming techniques) as a means of gathering data for the purpose of building Job Training Guides.

 Day Two

The second day focuses on knowledge/ content skill analysis. Strong emphasis will be placed on the use of Subject Matter Experts to identify job related task and knowledge/content items.  Participants will also set Job Performance Standards and establish prerequisites for task certification.  Participants will also conduct a work skill level analysis and learn strategies for determining and setting minimal training time standards. Training flow, procedural requirements and responsibility items will also be discussed.  Participants will learn adult learning principles and strategies for effective instruction related to Job Certification.

Day Three

The third day is a cumulative summary of days one and two and also covers documentation/tracking, cross training and recertification issued related to Job Certification.  Change control systems will also be addressed.  The third day will be intense with the participants continuing to build on Days One and Two and completing prototypes for each type of job task in their department or work area.  Day Three will be defined based on the accomplishments made during Day One and Two…………..


Note:   It is possible that additional days involving overseeing the project on the part of the GMP Learning Consultant may be needed. This will be a decision by management at the time of the on-site visit. The consultant will keep management abreast of the Job Certification Process development by debriefing at the end of each day with key management personnel.  Determination of the need for the consultant to remain additional days will be assessed as the on-site building of the Job Certification System develops.   At the end of day three the consultant will be able to write a continuation plan so the company can progress with the development of the Job Certification System in the Consultant’s absence. This plan will be based on the progress made during the three days of training and will also be based on the data collection by the consultant during the on-site visit.