How The Process Works


Note: each phase requires a separate contract submitted to your company. Approval for activities occurs phase by phase. Project can stopped at the end of any phase if desired. A company who knows their deficiencies in regards to performance and/or compliance may want to skip phases I and/or II and go straight to phases III and IV.  Phases V and VI are optional.


Phase I: Data Collection for Compliance Audit or Needs Assessment




Phase II:  Design Phase

Utilizing Gannt Charts and other time management tools, GMP Learning works with you to design a blueprint that could include the following activities:

targeted education, job certification, competency modeling, procedural writing, document production, consulting activities, targeted job function regulatory and competency training, identification of Quality and Performance metrics, and the design of measurement/assessment tools to be used during Phases IV, V, and VI.


This phase will include off-site and some on-site activities. Time estimates for these activities are based on Phase I results.  On-site is billed at a daily rate while off-site is based on an hourly rate with control on number of hours needing your approval at every 10 hour interval.



Phase III:  Development Phase

During this phase GMP Learning will develop all materials needed to accomplish activities detailed in Phase II.  This will require mostly off-site work with correspondence with your company via e-mails, faxes or other avenues.  An on-site visit can be arranged if deemed necessary to preclude Phase IV.



Phase IV:  Implementation Phase

During this phase programs, education, training, certifications or interventions designed and developed during earlier phase activities will be implemented according to time frame detailed either in Phase II utilizing the Gannt Chart, or upon agreement between your company and the GMP Learning.



Phase V:  Evaluation Phase

This phase occurs post intervention activities and serves the purpose of quantifying and measuring the impact of the intervention.  Impact on the job performance, regulatory compliance, and organization impact are measured, observed, quantified through structured objective methodologies discussed during designed during Phase II and developed during Phase III.


Phase VI:  Monitoring Phase

This phase provides continuous measuring of job competency, performance and compliance activities. Tools, qualitative and quantitative, are utilized during this phase but designed in Phase II and developed during Phase III.