Determining Inernal Customer Needs


GMP Learning experts can help you determine your internal customer needs via the design, development, implementation, data analysis and interpretation of surveys/questionnaires.


If you are like most companies you are a customer driven organization with a business objective to continually improve your services to both internal and external customers.  In doing this, GMP Learning will strive to help you provide an exciting, fulfilling work environment which inspires all associates to continuously improve customer satisfaction. Internal customers are defined as those associates to whom you provide services. These services may be in the form of sending data, answering their phone calls and inquiries, or providing a specific product or service.  Everyone has internal customers.


GMP Learning Consultants work with your organization to determine for individuals, teams, groups, department, who their internal customer are, what services are important, develop and conduct surveys to measure their internal customer satisfaction, and work with you to determine what improvement actions need to be taken to improve performance.